What if, right now, in this moment, you could choose to live a life chock-full of increased levels of love, compassion, bliss, joy, and abundance? Would you?

I would….. and that choice is one I am willing to play around with! Here is the thing about being me: I am into it. I am charged up and excited to be enjoying and delighting in every breath that I get to soak up in this life!

So….. what about you? Does that sound like a far off distant possibility to experience a bliss so extra-ordinary that it transcends not only the body but the mind and spirit to boot?

It all starts in the body. Do you want support generating transformation in the form? Maybe you are looking to lose those pesky 5, 10, 15, 20 pounds? Or you are interested in promoting the cultivation of a strong, flexible, balanced, and healthy body? What would it be like to get ruthlessly supported in your transformative goals?

When the body is flexible, bodily strength is unleashed, and a simple natural balance is sustained…. this makes way for the mind to follow in the body’s footsteps! What would it be like to take on your life free of dis-empowering thoughts, negative energy, and tension? Or to clear your mind in a way that unleashes your truest, richest, and fullest potential? The buddha said it best when he said, “When the mind is clear, joy follows you like a shadow that will never leave.” Connect to what it might feel like to completely let go into a clear mind and generate your life from conscious, joy-full choices. From this place, what might be possible in your relationships with your family? What might be possible in your relationships with your friends, partners, colleagues, and even to yourself if you were to live your life in joy and ease? What support might be valuable to you to help you experience increased levels of clarity your mind?

When the channels of the body and the mind are open, spirit takes over. Whatever your faith, clearing the body and mind of the clunky stuff makes space for your spirit to strengthen, enliven, and unleash. Have you ever had the experience (however fleeting) of excessive joy storming through your body? When you literally cannot help but smile, laugh, or, if you are like me, dance? What if I told you that you could experience this as a sustained way of being – to have your spirit flow through you in each conscious breath?

Would you be all in?!┬áThat is all it would take – to show up with just exactly what you already possess physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will expand. You will experience oneness and unity with life.

Hesitant? Remember, no one ever made it to the Olympics without a solid support structure! Why take on your life transformation solo? You are not in this alone….. Lets transform together!

Here’s to Breathing Deeply, Living Fully, and Loving Infinitely.

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